What Are The Different Types Of Sports Betting

With the Internet taking over the gambling world, sports betting became so crucial covering a multitude of activities and it can be applied to any type of wagers that you think of. The internet has opened up new possibilities of wager associated with bets and some have been longer than usual. There are so many types of sports betting and each is different.

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  • Live Betting

In live betting, you are betting only after the event has started. It follows quite a different set of rules and it becomes easy to place a wager any time of the betting, just right up till it is about to get over. This betting form has been in the field for quite some time now and even though it is online, it is very popular.

  • Exchange betting

There is no bookmaker at exchange betting as the wagers are placed by the bettors themselves. So every time you are placing a bet, you are gambling with some other people who are against you. There are two odd sets for the players here.

One of the functions of betting is to keep financial status handy. The exchange keeps a small amount of commission from the amount that you have won. The other amount is paid to the player directly.

  • Daily Fantasy sports

It is the drafting of a fantasy team of all real players entering contests or leagues made by other people. Teams are earning money depending on how well their players play. Online fantasy sports are getting so famous with them running over single games. The gambling here comes when you are paying to enter several rounds of a game.

  • Spread betting

This type of betting is very different from fixed odds betting. The stake is also not fixed and is very similar to totals betting. The total bets are predicting a value that might be higher or lower than the amount set up by the bookmakers. The outcome comes right instant and you get paid for whatever money you have won.


These are some types of sports betting that are widely known and you can also be a part of these games. Place on a bet and you are ready to start!