Top 10 Most Ducks For England Cricketers In Test Cricket- Check This List

No matter who bats first or last, getting out on a duck is never a good thing to see. Even the best players have lost a hand because of a duck, and for some, this happens very often. But this post has English players who have the most ducks in Test cricket. Apart from this news, you can also checkout latest ipl news to remain updated.

  • Andrew Flintoff (17) –

Andrew Flintoff, who is better known by his nickname Freddie, is also in the film. So far as I know, he is the only player on the team who can play in more than one spot. In tests, he scored more than 4,000 runs and took more than 200 wickets. This made him a well-rounded cricket player. He had his fair share of bad things happen to him because of bats, just like everyone else. In 17 different tests, he was out before the first innings were over.

  • John Snow (19)  –

John Snow, who was probably England’s best fast bowler in the middle of the 1960s, is number nine. From 1965 to 1976, he played for the England national team. In 1976, he quit the sport. In 202 Tests, he got out for an average of 26.66 runs per wicket. John played in a total of 772 tests, and he was out of the game 19 times without ever scoring a run. He is chosen to take part in the selection because of this.

  • Derek Underwood (19) –

Derek Underwood played international cricket for England from 1966 to 1982. He was a slow, left-handed orthodox bowler. From 1966 to 1982, he was in the business world. His skill with the ball was shown by the fact that, throughout Tests, he was able to take 297 wickets. Because he was so accurate and reliable as a spinner, his peers had a lot of respect for him. As a batsman, he played in 86 tests and scored 937 runs. However, 19 times he was out before he could score.

  • Andrew Caddick (19) –

Even though Andy Caddick was born in England, he represented England in international competitions from 1993 until 2003. Because Andy was so large and imposing, it was difficult to strike him while he was in the middle of his stride. He participated in 62 tests during his career and finished it with 234 wickets. But when it was his time to bat, things shifted significantly in a different direction. After his Test career, he only had 846 runs on his record, and 19 of his innings ended with him being dismissed without scoring.

  • Mathew Hoggard (19) –

Mathew Hoggard, a quick bowler, is the subsequent individual on the list. He had a quick throw, and for the first nine years of his career, he was a member of England’s national team. He has a total of 248 wickets to his name when he was a member of the Test squad. Even though he hadn’t yet put any effort into improving his striking talents, he had developed into a capable night watchman. The unfortunate reality is that during his whole career, he was dismissed from a test match on 19 separate occasions without scoring a run.

  • Mike Atherton (20) –

Mike Atherton is one of the few hitters who cuts, so that makes him stand out. He used to play for England and serve as the team’s lead-off batter. Even though he has around 7500 Test runs under his belt, it’s a pity that all of his hard work and passion for the game only got him a horrible record. Even though he has almost 7500 Test runs under his belt, it’s a shame that his record is. Even though he had 20 ducks, he was still a very valuable player for the English cricket team.

  • Steve Harmison (20) –

Steve Harmison, an English fast bowler who is six feet and four inches tall, is another name that may be found on this list. In 2004, he had a wonderful day at Sabina Park, where he demonstrated how brilliant of a bowler he was by taking seven wickets. He also had a lot of fun. However, he was unable to demonstrate how skilled he was with the bat. After all, was said and done, he finished with a total of 743 runs and 20 ducks on his record. Both of these scores have been added to his record.

  • Monty Panesar (20) –

Third on their list is the English left-arm spinner Monty Panesar, who is often considered to be among the very best in the world. During the 2009 Ashes, he was able to bowl so well and win a test match with his bat, both of which contributed to the fact that he would be remembered for a very long time. On the other side, his career as a batter did not fulfill his ambitions and dreams the way he had hoped and dreamed it would. He has taken fifty examinations altogether, and not once has he been disqualified for any reason.

  • James Anderson (30) –

James Anderson, a weathered veteran of the England squad and the current holder of the record for most wickets kept while bowling fast in test matches, is the next player to come into the game. It has been difficult for some of the top hitters in the world to hit against him in the past. However, this does not alter the reality that he has also gone through scoring slumps when he has been at the bat. His tally of 30 ducks places him in second place on the record list, behind only his bowling partner, Stuart Broad, who holds the top spot.

  • Stuart Broad (39) –

The unfortunate truth is that Stuart Broad is at the top of this list. He is often regarded as one of England’s most talented bowlers in test matches. It is well known that Broad has a high number of wickets to his name for England. Because he has 39 ducks in Test cricket, he has a significant advantage over the other contestants. 

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