Brief Outline – FD vs. Insurance vs. Online Casino – Which is better

We all love money and have a craze for doubling our money and earning and much more. People use en number of ways for increasing their profit and earning money. Plus, some people choose banks to keep their money safe and also invest their money in FDs & others for increasing the profit percentage. But the fact is that these days the interest rates are dipping down and the payout percentage that you will get will be less satisfactory. Many people are there who are not happy with their decisions. Others have options like insurance policies where good insurance companies promise to pay high returns.

FD vs. Insurance vs. Online Casinos – 

However, in insurance, you need to pay your premiums and wait for a long time compared to FDs, which get matured annually. Therefore, for many people investing their money in such areas is not so beneficial. So, one of the best ways to earn profits, or let us say try your luck is to switch to online casinos. At least the deposit fee in online casinos is not that high as compared to what you invest in FDs and insurance premiums. Plus, one of the best parts you will know about the online casinos is that even for free games like free slots and spins, there are cash rewards, discount coupons, and electronic prizes too. So, you should always switch to good casinos like Nowgoal where you can earn profits and cash rewards.

Best Casino Deals 2022 – 

Another benefit that you will know about the online casinos is that in some best casinos 2022 the minimum deposit starts with INR 70 to INR 1000 and above. So, this is such an amount that people can definitely invest, or this is the amount that people spend on a cup of coffee, shopping, and other unnecessary stuff too, and this much can be spent by them. Plus with a minimum deposit, you also get a 100% bonus of INR 25,000 and 22 points too. So, these are the latest offers that are going on with some casinos for 2022, which is not a bad deal. So, switch to Nowgoal and earn profits.

Instant Payments in Your Account – 

If you invest INR 70-500, then you can get a bonus of INR 25,000 with the T&C of casinos and you can play further and win a huge amount too. So, likewise, there are many benefits of online casinos. And, this amount of money that you win or get from the casinos is not something that takes years to mature and come to your account like FDs and is not like insurance investment with a lock-in period of 5 years that you will get after 5 years. NO. This casino bonus money is deposited into your account instantly. You should have a good internet connection and you should have given proper account number and wallet name or others.

Word of Caution – 

Now, many people would think giving an account number is risky, but there are other payment options like E-wallets and other web wallets. And, you should never share any OTP or give any OTP or banking or your account-related OTP to any number or website link or others or anything related to auto-debit. Web wallets are the safest methods. The money is deposited in your wallet and you can redeem it in your account, which can be done by you while withdrawing the money. Therefore, it is important to switch to reliable, legitimate and licensed casinos online.